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We offer online and interactive psychological programmes for a range of psychological difficulties and family challenges.

We offer a range of online and interactive psychological programmes and masterclasses to support and guide you through all sorts of child and family difficulties and challenges. Our courses are suitable for parents, children and teachers.

We know that you hold crucial expertise about your family or children, but sometimes get stuck, overwhelmed or lose your confidence. Maybe you know that groundhog day feeling – going around in circles, not sure if you are making things better or worse.

We aim to equip you with the psychological knowledge, insights and therapeutic tools to leave you confident and moving forward again. In designing our programmes, we have collated and simplified the research from developmental child psychology, attachment theory, family therapy, neuropsychology and a range of evidenced-based therapeutic interventions. Our programmes provide a range of practical tools, strategies and support to facilitate growth and transition.

You can access our programmes (4 – 6 weeks) and one-off masterclasses at times that suit you. They comprise a range of learning methods such as videos, presentations and worksheets. Some of our programmes contain separate modules for children and parents. You also have the option of joining small online group coaching sessions facilitated by a clinical psychologist in which you get to learn from other parents experiencing similar difficulties.

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Taming Your Lion (a 6 week programme for 8-12 year olds and their parents struggling with big emotions)

Crack the Code

Crack the Code (a parent masterclass for dealing with difficult child behaviour)

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