• EMDR Consultant and Practitioner News

EMDR Consultant and Practitioner News

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is a unique therapy that helps process trauma. It can be really effective in relieving distress to help people get back to enjoying life. At Shortland Psychology, we love this therapy because we have witnessed many success stories with it.

We are therefore excited to announce that Dr Andrea Shortland, is now an EMDR adult, adolescent and child Consultant. This means that she has not only completed specialist training but has extensive experience in the practice of EMDR with a wide variety of clients. She is also now qualified to supervise other EMDR therapists who are working towards their own accreditation. Essentially, Andrea knows her stuff when it comes to EMDR therapy and trauma processing!

Meanwhile, another of our Clinical Psychologists, Dr Sharon Brooks, has just finished her accreditation to become an EMDR Practitioner. This means she has demonstrated competence in the practice of EMDR, under the supervision of an EMDR Consultant, such as Andrea. Sharon is now listed on the EMDR Association’s website in which you can find an EMDR therapist easily here and ensure that if you work with someone, they too are accredited.

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