• Getting to know Jo Dunn

Getting to know Jo Dunn

As an allied health profession, psychology can position you in local government as well as in health settings and, with a particular interest in workforce functioning, that’s where I’ve been since qualifying in 2016. Working as a Psychologist in a community social care service provides a holistic setting in which to think about client and family well-being, and also provides an insight into the pressures on services; how it’s possible for organisations to provide the conditions in which frontline staff are able to work in a relational way. Sometimes I write about some of this work here: https://www.centreforpublicimpact.org/author/jodunn/

Working with Shortland Psychology gives me opportunities to meet people in a variety of different systems, and provides opportunities for holistic assessment based on intimate knowledge, both of aspects of human psychology and of how support structures can work. I love to be able to learn about and share knowledge of different sorts of support services in my reports. A really good report is an opportunity to cast light on a situation, so with that in mind I always want to choose words carefully, so that things are very clear and very meaningful for the people reading. As the evidence base develops, we’re always learning more too, so it is always interesting.

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