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Andrea has just received Practitioner Certification in Theraplay at Intermediate Level.

Theraplay is a very powerful approach to working with complex trauma and attachment difficulties. It is always amazing to see how such a gentle and playful approach can bring about big changes for a child and within the parent-child relationship. We use Theraplay a lot when working with children with complex trauma difficulties. Sometimes we use Theraplay as a standalone approach when a child is struggling to regulate themselves or connect to their caregiver. Other times we use Theraplay to build a solid foundation to permit trauma focused work – it helps the child to begin to connect both to themselves and to others and helps to develop trust and safety.  When thinking about things neuro-developmentally, we are working more at the brain stem and limbic system areas with Theraplay before moving on to more psychological/cortex focused work.

This video from Beacon House explains a neuro-sequential model of complex trauma beautifully –


Theraplay Certificate

Attachment Difficulties

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