• Trauma Focus – words of wisdom from a young woman

Trauma Focus – words of wisdom from a young woman

Jasmine, a young woman, shares her words of wisdom having completed trauma focused work.

Jasmine (this is not her real name) and I met with a client for a follow up session – we completed trauma focused work including EMDR last year following the traumatic death of her mother. She is an amazing young woman who has gone on to achieve remarkable things despite her experiences. I asked her what was important or helpful about our work and she identified these points:

  1. The therapy was very relaxed and not formal and scary. We laughed as well as talking about the hard stuff.
  2. Therapy helped her to understand and make connections between things that otherwise might have seemed silly
  3. We ended up working more on the traumas that happened in the years before her mother’s death as these were the experiences that was causing her anxiety and fear in the present day.
  4. Jasmine stressed the importance of being able to look at the previous painful experiences during therapy whilst maintaining her determination and strength to “keep going” outside of our sessions.
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